Golden Empire electro-mechanical covers wide range of products from highly qualified manufacturers of fire protection systems and equipments locally and from around the world.

We undertake the following services:

•   Hazard Analysis & System Design as per NFPA and/or your specific requirements.
•   Computer generated hydraulic calculations.
•   Engineering work and submittal preparation.
•   Supply and Installation of the systems.
•   Testing and commissioning of the systems.
•   Civil Defense Approval works.
•   Maintenance of any Fire Detection or Protection Systems

Range of Systems

•   Fire Extinguishers (CO2, Dry Powder, Foam, Water, Wet Chemical and HFC-236)
•   Dry & Wet Standpipe Systems
•   Fire Hydrants (All)
•   All Types of Valves
•   Sprinkler Systems
•   Deluge System
•   Pre-Action System
•   Foam System
•   FM-200 Clean Agent System
•   Carbon Dioxide System
•   Pro-Inert System
•   Wet Chemical Suppression System
•   Gas Detection System
•   Fire Alarm System (Addressable & Conventional)
•   Emergency Lighting System
•   Voice Evacuation System
•   Video Smoke Image Detection System
•   Fire Fighting Pumps (UL Listed and Non UL Listed)

*End Suction Centrifugal, Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Turbine, Vertical Multi Stage Centrifugal Jockey Pump and Regenerative Turbine Jockey Pump

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